Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Maple Point - March 6, 2006

Okay, Okay, so I missed posting last week's jam, but not because it wasn't a stellar one, but because it has been a whirlwind week and couldn't break away from the centrifuge of 2 Mardi Gras gigs, A Hole In The Wall gig, and several great shows in town, to get aroundst to it. But the short story is that it was an AWESOME night of music. Thanks to the Bill C on guitar, Blue Lisa - Vocalist, Pat Brown - Drums, Cheryl Arena-Harp (her last appearance at Maple Point before hitting the road), Dee Harrel - Bass, Sparky Montoya - Keyboard, Mike Brandenburg - Guitar and Chuck Nevitt - Blues aficionado for coming out and making the night extraordinary!

As for last night! The hits just keep on coming people! Who but Mr. Lavell Jones stepped up in the place sat down on them drums and oh my gawd! He tore the hinges off ya'll. He did a drum solo that stopped the bar dead in theys track... yes, dead in theys track! No other way to say that folks. Mr Lavell often goes out on the road with "Ginuwine" as well as a host of other great artist including one Zach Harmon Blues Band. He stopped by as a guest of Jeff Stone, thank you Jeff for extending the invitation.

In addition we had a bevy of diva's in the house once again. Starting things off with KNON Diva Blue Lisa, doing her thang! She did a song I hadn't heard before, but I'm sure she did it better than the original. I'm so scared of you girlfriend. You keep on finding those gems, polishing them up and presenting them to shine. Good job! My friend Carmen also stopped by with Jack Gulledge and took a turn on the mike with a rousing Chain, Chain, Chain! Which reminds me, I gotta set up another vocal mike for those back-up vocals, but I think the crowd did a mighty fine job!

Speaking of crowd... The table from Nates get the sexiest table award this week. Thank you Cindy for gathering up all your friends and heading on down to Maple Point. I saw a singer at Nates about two weeks ago, that I invited down to the Point, Little Ms Ella! And she showed up and showed out last night! Thank you Ella for bringing your Janis Joplin/Unbridled/Passionate singing self out last night. I sure did enjoy you! Come on back anytime!

Wally and his son Eric came down all the way from Denton to play with us tonight. Wally sang "These Last Two Dollars" along with some tasty guitar licks for good measure and folks started putting money in the tip bucket. Now that's a song to add to the setlist! His son Eric came up and did some brilliant slide work along with Mark "Crazy Legs" Austin on Bass and Lavell Jones on drums and "Sweet Lips" Fred Harvey on Saxaphone! What a lucky lucky young man!

Mark "Crazy Legs" Austin, Brent Rozelle and Lavell closed out the show with a slow burning blues tune followed by another tear the roof of the sucka number which included, here before mentioned drum solo.

Gotta, once again thank the Stormy Monday blues band - Jay D, Jackie Don Loe, Kevin Schemerhorn for holding it down each week. and of course Sharon for hosting Blues on Monday and Vinnie for keeping us plied with alcohol and food all night.

One more word to my fellow jammers... Just in case there are any hurt feelings out there, I'd like to remind you the Maple Point Jam is only a 3 hour show so along with the opening set and breaks, there is really only 1 1/2 hours (90 mins.) to get everybody on and off the stage. Although you may not get as many turns or play as long as you do at some other shows, I value each and everyone of you who come out and Jam with us. and you can believe that!