Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Maple Point June 5 and June 12, 2006

Okay I ain't even gonna trip about not posting the past few months. I just haven't okay.... Tammy! ;-)

However, last night was so special that I just had to post a blurb. We had so many awesome kids out doing their thing! In a world where they have so many things pulling them in all directions it is very hopeful to see children who are passionate about music and specifically about blues! Little Miss Jessica has been to the jam numerous times and it still astounds me that she plays with such ferociouty and boldness. I can only imagine how proud her parents must be, as I am bursting with pride just being there to listen.

Another family of teenage boys have been stopping by as well. They are the State boys; 16 yr old Uriah, 14 year old Josiah and 10 year old drummer deluxe - Zepheniah. These boys are not to be missed! They are a great group of kids and I'd put their talent up against many grown folks anyday. Remember you heard it here first!

We also had 15 yr old Alex come out and show us his AMAZING guitar skills. He is already quite an accomplished player and extremely soulful! The heartbreak kid Devin (?) on bass showed up with his parents to play a few songs with us as well! I think he might be all of 13 maybe but already has a great sense of timing and improvisation!

Also want to thank my big brother Hashbrown for coming out these past couple of weeks and breaking in some of his Thursday "Blues Lengend Showcase"tunes. It is such a joy to hear a lot of these songs live and upclose. Luckily we get to hear them first!!!

As always I want to thank the host band Jackie Don Loe, Jay D and Kevin Schemerhorn! You guys are consumate professionals and I couldn't think of a better bunch of guys I liked to be stuck in a room with every Monday night!

I also want to give a special shout out to Bet-N-Man for visiting the jam this past month or so. Bet gave a super performance of Georgia on My Mind along with her husband Wade. Thank you for your support of the jam.

A great big hug to Joanna from Southwest Blues for coming out and making the night extra special. I love you Joanna!

And.... Diva extraordinaire Ms Kerrie Lepai was also in the hiz-house! Kerrie threw down as she aways does and I think with some original stuff to boot. Can a new CD be in works?

Kevin had an easy night with Marc Leblanc, Peter Kaplan and monster drummer Lavelle Jones in the house. You can't get no better than that! If there was ANY thing going on in town Monday there was definitely a drummer shortage and you can believe that!

Okay I'm just about all posted out. If I forgot to mention you in this blurb, I officially give you permission to send me an email and cuss me out!

With much love,

Andrea D


Blogger SteveHeath said...

WHAT IS UP with Andrea's fan base? Does no one know how to COMMENT...Just hit the keys and TALK...

Sorry we missed you this past week while in Dallas, but I'm coming back in July....see your email for details...

Keep on jammin' my Big D Big Dawson girlfriend...

Steve in Clearwater FL

9:50 PM  

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