Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blues! Blues! Everywhere!

I've been out of the blues scene lately, taking a music theory class so's I can communicate a little better with the musicians I play with. And I tell you after one semester of scales, diatonic, subtonic, meters, augmented, demented and every other musical expression I am still no closer to figuring out what the hell is going on! However, I came away with a ton of respect for you all that have not only mastered an instrument but the f*&Ked up theory that goes along with music! What the hell were these people thinking that came up with that shit! I barely escaped with my sanity intact.

Anyhoo... I am back out here booking stuff left and right and might I add that "I absolutely loathe booking". Please visit my webpage for all the upcoming dates and gigs that I was able to twist, finagle and wrestle out of the hands of some very busy and band-weary club owners. You know I gotta feel for you club owners out there... sometimes. I mean what it must be like to have 2 dozen or so bands hunt you down everywhere you go armed with the ever-present calendar. On the other hand, that is what you're in the game for.

I have just one wish though... if you don't want to book a particular band, just say NO! I promise you you'll have less headache and harrassment. We can take a firm "no, not at this time" (respectfully). We can then check you off of our list and move on to another club that might be a much better match for us. But if you are all wishy washy, we don't know for sure if it's NO or Yes and continue to call and call and call. It's just easier all the way around... am I right?

Okay, so let me check my calendar... oh I see today must be rant day... Check back tomorrow, hopefully I'll be in a better mood....


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