Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Stormy Monday Blues Jam

Went over to the Hole In The Wall last night for BB Campbell's last Monday night blues jam. I just don't get it, Monday nights have always been slower than the other nights nights of the week, but everytime I've been over at BBs jam on Monday, it has been a good turnout in comparison to what Monday's used to be like at the Hole.

BB Campbell, Kenny "snare smacker" Strauthers, Kenny "Big Head" Chavez, and Pat "Chord Chunker" were all ON last night! They played their little butts off! We had a second go at my set of music we did at Djangos last week and they nailed it big time! Every tune was perfection! "I'm A Good Woman" was oh so funky! "Thrill" was a joy and the sound was so good on "I've Been Crying" and "You Need To Be With Me" I forgot my lyrics!

It was good to see Sam Myers and Joe Jonas as well. They have become pretty much a regular at BB's jams. Talked a little with Mike from Kiss My Ribs and it looks like they may be rebuilding the place over there but didn't want to say for sure. His father has put up a structure to cover the place and started working on putting up walls so a complete rebuild can't be far off!

Before I forget, just wanted to leave a reminder about Saturday's show at Bluebird Blues in Fort Worth. It's gonna be a good one! Mighty Paul Young on Guitar, Gentleman John Street on Keys, Cedric Goodman on Drums and Terry Montgomery on Bass! See you there!


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