Saturday, October 15, 2005

What was I thinking!

Okay, World or - "Cousin Celeste" here is my post! It remains to be seen how long I will be a part of the Blogging comunity as I really don't need one more thing in my life that I am NOT doing! But thanks to Blue Lisa here I am, jumping on the Blogwagon and see where it will take me.

This post will be a review of the shows I've seen and participated in this week and various crazy ramblings. Thanks Lisa for including me in this years KNON Big Texas Blues Anniversary show. I didn't think I could have as much fun as I did last year meeting Lavelle White and sitting with her for the 5th annual show, but you really out did yourself this year!

I am so pleased that the event was held at Djangos on the Parkway and not at Hermann's Hall like last year. I'm sorry but the Deep Ellum district is just not worth it anymore! The ease of getting into and park at clubs like Djangos make for such a much more pleasurable evening. Which leads me to one of my biggest rants! GREED! Deep Ellum could have been a great entertainment district had the City and corporate moguls not have latched onto it and squeezed the shit out of it with parking meter and parking lot rip offs.

Oh... but I digress, back to the show. As I approached the building I heard the sounds of BB Campbell and the Hambones floating out across the parking lot drawing me in. Inside I found the place just busy with folks! Anyone in the Dallas music scene will tell you, if you walk into a busy show and don't know half the people there, you've got a gusher! Anyways, there were all walks of life there and having a lot of fun to boot!

I couldn't wait to take the stage with BB Campbell and the Hambones. Thank you guys for working so hard on my stuff and agreeing to back me up. I had a wonderful time with y'all. Unfortunately, I had to leave shortly after my show for a party brewing at home. However, I heard that the show was a total success for the rest of the night.

On Friday 10/14/05 I had a show with The Randy Willis Band at Pappadeux on 35E/Northwest Hwy. Thank goodness for the cooler temperatures! This was an outside gig and the night was cool and clear and just plain fun!

Our first gig there was back in late March and it was cold as hell out there even though the heat lamps were on we were still shivering, thank goodness the tequilla kicked in just in time! Later as summer progressed we pined for that cold chilly evening! I remember one night it was so hot I was sure the heaters were on.

That night the only thing hot was Randy Willis! I don't know what happened to the boy but he was on FIRE! He was playing riffs and stuff I've never heard come out of that guitar! I think he might have changed his strings or hands or something! Anyway we had a very good 3 sets and had several tables who stayed out on the patio for the whole night when usually they only hang out there until their table is called. Randy - YOU GO BOY!

Afterwards me and my entourage or rather my Mom and HER entourage headed out to Fort 'Party' Worth for the Andrew "Jr Boy" Jones/Cheryl Arena show over the FT. Worth's newest/oldest Blues Club "BLUEBIRD BLUES". Baby!.... Andrew just ripped the roof off that sucker! He and Cheryl had the place rockin' like an old time juke joint! Dance floor crowded, people talkin back to the band, chicken plates all over the place and good-times! Whew! What a night what a night! Andrew's son Chris ripped into a couple of funky solo's on the bass with me on "Thrill Is Gone" (thanks Andrew for letting me do a few the band) as well as laid some funk down all night long. Jimmy Morgan on drums was awesome as usual and Ruf Rufner on Keys had it going on! I tell you BlueBird Blues is the shitzle!

We didn't get home till 3 in the moanin' and now I'm gonna take a nap...

This weeks shows so far for me are:
Deep Ellum Blues - Blues for Katrina benefit with dream match-up bands
Cheryl Arena/Aaron Burton
Texas Slim/Anson Funderburg
James Hinkle/Paul Byrd/John Street
Andrew Jr Boy Jones/Pat Boyak
with Shawn Phares, Andrea Dawson, Cheryl Arena
Jim Suhler/Holland K Smith

BlueBird Blues
Ft 'Party' Worth
With Mighty Paul Young on Guitar and Cedric Goodman on Bass, Gentleman John Street on Keys!


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And here we go into cyperspace! I know you're a busy woman, but this is good for everyone to have a place to find out what's going on with you.

So here's to you and your blog and the incredible things you are going to write and share here from the incredible year you're about to have. Trust me on this, it's a feeling I have!

Blue Lisa

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