Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Maple Point - February 20, 2006

The Nite of 1000 Harmonica's!
After hosting quite a few jams over the past 3 years, I've noticed the ebb and flow of talent at these shows and last night there was a Harmonica tidal wave at Maple Point. But not just any ol' blow-n-suck harp players, but the cream of the crop! Our first entry of the night was Maple Point's resident Harmonica-ist Jeffrey Stone. He opened up the night with some serious harp playing with Jackie and the guys on several tunes. However, I think he was just showing off for his beautiful daughter, 9 year old Jessie who was visiting all the way from California. She is also a diva in training and has promised to return and give us a song next time!

Speaking of visitors! Guess, where our next harp player came from... go ahead guess... okay, I'll tell ya.... All the way from Torino (winter olympics) Italy! Christian Dozzler brought Andrea (same name, but a guy) out to Maple Point on his tour of Dallas and he brought the house down! Great harp playing and great singing too boot! Andrea will be making the rounds all week until he has to scoot on Friday, so get out there and see him!

Next up was Christian who sang and played harp for us too! As always Christian did an outstanding job! Our next harpist up was none other than everybody's friend, Peabody who did my favorite "You'se an Unfriendly Woman" Okay are you keeping count folks... that's four so far, but oh no, theirs more!

There come's a time in any jam when you think things can't get no better, great Music, great food, wonderful friends, alcohol is workin, and people are having a good time.....then Cheryl Arena takes the stage! Her rendition of "Grazin In The Grass" just does somethin to me... it takes me back to fun in the summertime, runnin barefoot through lawn sprinklers and chasing icecream trucks! Hands down, last night along with Jackie, Kevin and Jay was the BEST I've ever heard this song PERIOD, including the original cause it was all the way live! Thanks Cheryl!

Are ya still countin? Well include in the mix Proud Mississippi Statesman Sam Myers and Kevin from Kev and the Musical Suspects, who closed out the show with some funky funky Parliment and the Funkadelics grooove and that brings the total to 7!

In addtion to all the fine Harpist there many other talented folks in attendance including one 14 year old Eric who from what I've been told has been playing his heart out behind closed doors for several years. This was only his THIRD public appearance and I tell you what, he's out cause he must have blown the door off! The kid has definitely got chops, we'll be hearing a lot more from him for sure!

And just to prove that a public thrashing does work wonders for the soul, Bill C and Dee Harrell graced us once again with their presence and did a phenomenal job. Bill wasn't able to play his original stuff, but next time you see him check out his newest CD "Badboy". In addition, Margo also graced us with her presence and with her amp. She even brought her newest guitar out to break in at the show this week! Thank you Margo.

Other standouts included "Blues" on drums who relieved Kevin for a few numbers, he along with his wife Lucky and their guests get the award for sexiest table of the night for having so much fun! Our one and only horn player tonight was a goodun' Jerry Jumonville stopped by to lay some smooth groves on us as well.

We also had a few Blues Diva who took the opportunity to spread their wings at Maple Point too! Welcome Diva Heather from Deep Ellum Blues to the fold! Who knew! Heathers rendition of Summertime left me speechless, what? who? when? Yes, Heather bartender to the stars has got skills ya'll!! Thanks for showing up and throwing down girlfriend! Now get out there and kick down some new doors for us!

I've got to run for now, but check back later for more details, I got another Diva to tell ya'll about and a few more exciting entertainers....

Okay I'm back.... The other Diva for the evening testing out the waters was Sydney. She did a Susan Tedeschi tune along with Skeeter backing her up on guitar. I think she has what it takes to grow into a very good performer. Great pipes and the personality to match!

I don't know how I forgot that awesome bass player Mark Austin stopped by and so did Brent Rozelle! I will playing with Brent next week at the Hole in the Wall so ya'll stop on by for some searing guitar work!

Noted patrons in attendance included Mark Rosenswieg (Swag) who popped in to check out the jam. You know you're doing something right when Swag shows up for your gig!

Okay folks I deeply missed this week were sob... sob... Blue Lisa and Carmen (my diva sisters) and sob... sob... my big brother Hash Brown and wah... .wah.... Ron Franklin (professor stiks) and Spike!

Thank you for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed it, but it's better in person so.... Better still get your butt over to Maple Point next week when "The Hash Brown" will be our featured guitarist for the night! Ya HEARD!



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