Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Maple Point - February 13, 2006

This just in from the news desk..... Maple Point is Off the HOOK Ya'll! The buzz is out and the place is starting to percolate! Some of the best players in the metroplex have been stopping by on Monday night to get their fix at Maple Point and start their week right. Last night was no exception! We started off the evening with the always stellar hostband line-up staring Jackie Don Loe on guitar, Kevin Schemerhorn on Drums and Chris "baby face" Jones on Bass and Moi on Vocals. Thank you guys for showing up each week and giving your all and then some.

Special thanks to Chris for playing bass these first five shows ever at Maple Point, you are one hellified bass player and truly one of the "good men" we women always lament about, its no wonder someone already snatched you up! Chris is a family man and like all great men, he's stepping aside, for now, to take care of family. We will miss you terribly.

Taking up the bass chair will be none other than the Jay D. If you haven't heard Jay play, well you oughta... he's just a monsta on Bass! Welcome to the band and I look forward to funking it up with ya!

Now on to the news... first I'd like to thank all those who have been to the jam to help in making it a success. Beginning with my baby's daddy.... Sweeeeeet Sammy Myers! He's been there every single week without fail. He has assisted in the areas of artist development and destruction. Sam also helps out when the notion hits him, in blowing one mean harp! Last night his honorable, played harp during my rendition of "Built for Comfort", however I steppeth on his harp solo and he toldeth me to shutupith my mouth... I still love you Sammy no matter what!!! Sammy may not make the show next week as he will be honored in Mississippi with an award. Among classical musicians, craftsman, civic leader and noted authors will be Sam Myers to receive his award as a noted Statesman of Mississippi, his home state. Congratulations Sam!

Also at last nights show and every show, was my big brother, Hashbrown and with him was all the way from New York City, yes New York City... his friend Marty who blew us away with his harp rendition of "Don't Get Around Much Anymore". The suspense build and swing he brought to this tune, got several rounds of applause... make sure you check this cat out before he leaves town, you won't be sorry. Thank you Hash for bringing him by and sitting in with us.

On the Diva front, Blue Lisa and Carmen sang us a few songs, just representin for the ladies in the blues. Thank you Lisa for all your support. Make sure you catch Lisa's show on KNON 89.3fm this Thursday 2/16 9:00am - 12:00pm for the KNON pledge drive and help a sister out!!! Other diva's in the house were Joanna IZ from Southwest Blues (News You Can Use) and so was Brenda, neighbor to the stars and dancin' Jackie Kennedy, my Mom Viola and Jenny with her Husband Mike, Jackie Don Loe's Boss Cindy from Nates.

Someone else who has been at almost every show is IBC Champion Harpman Jeff Stone from Zachariah's Blue Band. I am so sorry about the loss of your Mother last week, we all mourn with you.

Brent Rozelle also stopped by after his gig around the corner at the new Mardi Gras Restaurant on Inwood and 35 as well as the owner of the restaurant, whose name escapes me right now, but look for this place to be the next IT place for live music! Professor Stiks - Ron Franklin also played a set on drums backing Blue Lisa and Me, thanks Ron! Spike was also there with spotless Spot in tow. Sorry about calling you the wrong name Spike, it's just that everytime I think about you working around all those amps I can't help but think Sparky. But I got it now...

Other folks who stopped by were BB Campbell - guitarist, Jack Gullege - Entertainment Attorney, and a bevy of beautiful sexy regulars who sat at the bar and just ran up the sales, thank you, you sexy thangs!

Now those people we missed included Ms Margo, Bill C and Dee Harrell. Don't make me come and getchu next week!

If I missed mentioning you in this missive, please know it is because I am somewhat feeble minded and to my detriment I only forget the most fabulous and important people. It is a mistake of the mind and not of the heart.

With Delight!



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