Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Maple Point January 29, 2006

Well, I'm just gonna pick up right where I left off and continue blogging like ain't nothin happen in the 4 or 5 or 6 months since I blogged last!

The Maple Point is still hopping along! Some night are gooder than others, but for sure it's always something new thats for Shizzle. The latest news is that Pat Boyack is now sharing duties with Jackie Don Loe every other week. Pat brings his experience with national touring artist Marcia Ball. He has helped to bring a flair to the show along with the other addition to the lineup every other week on Bass, Drew Allain! I am one lucky girl right about now.

We've had several Blues dignitaries make regular visits to the show to try out material amongst friends and associates. Namely Mike Morgan, Joel Foy and my big brother Hash Brown. They along with the regular "awesome" talent that has supported this show all along makes for some fine music folks!

If you haven't visited in a while It's time to turn off the TV and get out and get in the thick of LIFE!

See you out and about...



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