Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Maple Point 8/14/06

Last nights show was off the Hizz-hook AGAIN! Thanks to some awesome talent coming out and sharing in the fun. While Jackie's been off galavantin' all over the country, Texas Slim has been setting in with the band. How dang cool is that! Thank you Slim for helping a sister out these past few weeks, it's been a real treat.

We also had a bonafide guaranteed no playin' around SINGER in the house. Just one name "SAGE" cause she don't need anything else! You see in my opinion there are singers who learn to sing and singers who try to sing and then there are Singers who are just plain gifted! If "Sage" could replicate herself all us singers would be out of business and on the street... homeless and destitute!

We also had two guests from Italy stop by. Friends of Hashbrown, all the way from Italy to hear and hang out with Hashbrown just from what they've heard on the internet and from friends who've visited Dallas. Hows that for a fan base! I thought that was all... until Danny De Stefani got up to play and knocked us all off our chair! Check out his website at www.thebluespots.com

Other Jammers adding to the mix included, Hank Black on Harmonica, Jimmy Morgan on Drums, Drew "Lover" Allain on Bass, Hashbrown on Guitar, Spike on Guitar and Blue Lisa on vocals.

The special treat of the night was Texas Slim on drums! Next time you see Slim, make sure you request that he play a rumba for ya... Awesome stuff man....

See you all next week along with the band - Jackie Don Loe, Kevin Schemerhorn, Jay Dronge and Jeff Stone!



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