Sunday, December 04, 2005

An Update

Haven't posted in a while and even I was tired of just looking at this same stuff on this site. So I thought I'd go out here and let you know that I have a formal website! Finally! Visit and check it out! I am looking for photos of any kind that you might have of the bands performances. Please email me with them or call me and I'll come and pick them up.

This past month I've had the opportunity to visit a unique jam for singers at Maple Point Club/Restaurant. The Singers jam was hosted by Lynn Ross (the sweetheart of Jazz) every Tuesday night, but now will be hosted by Miss Marcy and Caroline Jones. I enjoy the opportunity to try out some Jazz tunes with a very good band. Look for the addition of more Jazz in my repertoire in the future.

Although I am heavy into Blues at the moment, I love a variety of music and look forward to testing the waters in this new genre. I've also been toying around with some of the funk songs from the 70s as well, in particular Sly and the Family Stone and Chaka Khan.

I don't have many upcoming shows, I've had a full plate this past fall with going back to school and all. Fundamental of Music Theory has been a real B@#%$ especially for this over 40 chick! Whew, I really had to dust off some brain cells or grow some more... But in a few weeks it will be over and I'll be back to booking gigs again.

For now put January 28th on your calendar to come see us over at "Blue Bird Blues Club" in Fort Worth.

Tomorrow I'll be among the talent taking stage to benefit Terry Montgomery over at "Djangos On The Parkway" If you're able to get over there, please do. Terry has been a part of the Dallas blues community for many, many years. I look forward to helping out in any way I can.

My other performances this month include a gig with Jackie Don Loe at Nates Seafood on Thursday December 15th and a show with BB Campbell on 12/17 at Yucatan in Coppell. I hope to see you out there!