Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Maple Point 2/12/07

It wasn't a huge crowd but it was a respectable one (for the most part... you know who you are...). Hosted by the other "Every Other Week Band" of Pat Boyack - guitar, Drew Allain - Bass, Kevin Schemerhorn - Drums. Jammers who stopped by were Beth and Wade (Bet and Mann) - they FINALLY got the opportunity to test drive two of their newest songs for us! I love the line "I'm low maintenance but I ain't maintenance free"... truer words have neva ever been spoken! Great song and thank you for letting us hear it here for the first time!.

Also in attendance was THE Diva herself "Mz Marcy", throwing down some of that Durrty Jazz and Blues for us. Mz Marcy was featured in the Dallas Morning Guide this past week. Her song "Sugardaddy" went on to Round two of the IBC songwriting championship, it's also being considered by a notable Blues Singer out of Canada to include in their repertoire. She's lost an
astounding 50 lbs and has her goddess shape back. What can I say... The girl has got it going on! Thank you for the pep talk too, it was more helpful than you'll ever know.

Lets see... who else... who else.... WEll none other than Gary Yeoman of the Neighbors Band! All the way from McKinney TX along with bassist BRYAN BULLARD "slappin the upright bass and workin the groove...a quiet guy with a big big bass" . I don't believe we've had anyone tote a stand up acoustic bass to the jam before... Thank you for showing up and showing us the way McKinney lays it down! Woo Woot!

And a big ol' Happy Birthday to Vaughn (Von?). I hope we helped make your birthday a special one. Out of all the juke joints in town, you walked into ours, it must have been fate. Looks like a great year ahead for you girlfriend... Keep your head up!

Special props to Qween of SWBlues, Joanna Iz for stopping by. Also to other overly sexy patrons Mz Charlene, Mz Vi (my bbq mama), Michelle, Vinnie, Sharon, Dave, the guy that snuck in the back, the dude from the Windmill club who heard us from across the street and just had to take a peek...

Popcorn Louden stopped by to slap the skins for a while. Mike Johnson played quite a few rounds on Sax and Flute (great job on Sledgehammer). Brent Rozelle stopped in for a quick visit too!

If you've been putting off joining us until something big happens... Well Big BIG BIG is going down next Monday! Our ONE YEAR Anniversary party! Food, fun, games and BLUES!
See you then!


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