Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Maple Point 2/5/07

It was 9:15pm, we started out slow, the band; Jackie Don Loe, Kevin Schemerhorn and Stan Allison and myself. We had three jammers in attendance, the husband and wife team Bet-N-Mann, Stephanie the Pretzel girl and her friend Dan, Tony along with two of his friends and the rest of the 4 people in the bar were staff or regulars there to watch sports. Looked like a solemn and slow night for sure. We did our opening set along with all the jammers in the room. I just hoped they wouldn't mind coming back up to help fill out the night...
Jump ahead 3 hours and thensome the place is packed and were exhausted! We've been seranaded by Jeff visiting from Canada on vocals, another awesome song by Bet, a soaring guitar rendition of pride and Joy from Tony. Brent Rozelle closing out the show with a killer guitar battle with Jackie Don Loe, "Popcorn" Louden on Drums, a complete horn section with Ray Vaughn and Fred Harvey, the wah-wah genius of Rodney the dangerous! Can't leave out up-and-coming drummer extraordinaire Ms Sarah Bigelow, but folks there's more! Cheryl Arena, back from representing Dallas at the IBC in Memphis, relented to do her outstanding version of "Grazing in the Grass", and everyone knows I sho-nuff love that song and with a complete horn line-up it was outstanding!
But let me tell you about who showed up to watch the show! Queen of Dallas Blues, Joanna Iz stopped by and brought with her Kathy owner of KCs bar in South Dallas! Cindy "perpetual" girlfriend of Jackie was there showing off her ENGAGEMENT ring! (me thinks your single days are just about up Jackie). How could I forget promoter to the stars - Jean McCrander! A great friend and supporter of Maple Point and a true fan of good music! Throw in several more tables of couples out for the evening and you got yourself a party folks.
Thank you to all who showed up, showed out and tipped the band generously!
Andrea D Grateful


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